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Manager / Sunday, April 16, 2023

Nigeria is an African country known for its vibrant and friendly energy expressed through diverse creative expression.

It has always been said that Nigeria possesses an unrivaled cultural magnificence, a rich array of cuisines, fashion styles, and festivals as well as unique arts across various tribes.

If you are coming to Nigeria, there are a few gift items that would serve as a great memoir to mark your experience here in Nigeria:

Ankara Backpack: An Ankara print backpack is something you would like to own as a memory of Nigeria. Ankara plays a huge role in our fashion industry. Some people go as far as choosing a particular fabric and having it branded with their names.

African print/ leather wallets: One thing Nigeria is popular for our use of Ankara for almost every item including our wallets and purses.

Home Decor Items: This ranges from a variety of table cloths, table mats, placeholders, and several other things that can be mixed and matched with other household items to create beautiful ethnic decor.

Magnets: You could get a selection of Nigerian-themed magnets that you can stick on the fridge at home. This is a good little present for people visiting Nigeria for the first time. When you leave, You would have a piece of Nigeria to take back home with you.

Travel Accessories: Take a pick from Africa’s wide range of travel accessories including Ankara suitcases, toilet bags, and even neck pillows.

Throw Pillow: Customized Throw pillows with either Ankara or Adire fabrics are highly recommended.

Hopefully, all these gift items have given you an idea of something to look out for on your next visit to Nigeria, You can also check out our recommendation below.

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