The importance of Gift etiquette

Manager / Saturday, March 18, 2023

Gifting is a way of showing generosity, appreciation, or kindness. It goes beyond just going to buy or acquire a gift for someone, it really is about the thoughtfulness you put into it.


 There are different reasons for giving gifts depending on a festive occasion or a personal celebration. Gifts are usually a delight to give and to receive.


However,  It is important to be knowledgeable about the etiquette of giving  gifts as it applies to various people and places. 


I have a few etiquette strategies you may want to consider as you are buying a gift for someone in the near future.


First is your ability to differentiate between Professional Vs Private gifts.


Buying a gift for a friend is different from buying for a colleague, teammate, or boss. If your gift is within the office space, it is official so such a gift should not have any hidden or underlying message that suggests anything unethical or unprofessional. 


In the office setting, gifts are better presented as a team, department, or group. It is wrong to give a gift that appears personal, fancy, or outrageous in price. 


Avoid going against office rules by recognizing what is acceptable or not.

Second is Sensitivity.


Proper thinking needs to be done when deciding what to buy as a gift for anyone. Sensitive gifts should be avoided,  underwear, perfume , sharp items like knife cutters or private care are considered sensitive gifts. 


Gifts that have no relevance or use  to the receiver are considered insensitive.


These types of gifts may end up   abandoned and unused, thereby defeating the purpose of giving the gift in the first place. 


Thirdly, Regifting

It is poor thinking and judgment to re-gift  a Present that you receive from someone else. Never regift an outdated, expired, old, or tattered Gift.


Fourthly, Symbolization

It is not unheard of that some objects have different symbolic meanings in different cultures and countries. There are gifts that symbolize life, death, good luck, bad luck, wealth, happiness, and many more. 


Try to recognize if there are any hidden meanings behind certain gifts. 


You may want to consider the religion, culture, and ideology of a place or the country you live in.


 A bottle of alcoholic wine is a favored gift but be cautious not to offend any religion in this process. 


There is absolutely no point in buying a short skirt or dress for someone whose religion demands that they should be fully covered from head to toe. 


With this little knowledge of the process of gift-giving and its etiquette, I am sure that you will consider a lot of things before getting a gift for someone in the nearest future.  


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