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Manager / Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Anniversaries are special occasions that should be celebrated with a special gift in mind, and there are no special rules to these, you could decide to celebrate the first day you met your spouse or the day she said yes to you.


Be it your first-year or tenth-year anniversary, the most crucial factor is the love you both share, more especially the memorable gifts you both exchange which make you even feel loved and cherished.


Now if your next special anniversary is fast approaching and you are not sure what to get your partner, I have listed some wonderful ideas for you.


a). Breakfast in bed: The concept of breakfast in bed involves you making breakfast and presenting it in a lovely way to your spouse while they are in bed. 


If you cannot cook, there is absolutely no need to go the extra mile. Toast, eggs, and tea/coffee placed in a lovely tray will do the trick. To top it off, you could add a single rose or a bouquet for your partner. 


I can guarantee that your partner will really appreciate this effort and look forward to more.


b). Office Surprise: Now, this is a public declaration of love and affection which could be done with the help of a co-workers and this can be accomplished with or without your presence. It is a very popular trend nowadays and all you have to do is to get an event planner that will cover this occasion. 


They usually will come into his/her office with surprise gift items and many more. You could also employ the services of a saxophonist to play as well as a photographer to take pictures which could serve as memories some five years after. 


c). Special Date: Marriage doesn’t take away romance from any relationship, it rather heightens it. 


Take out time to spend with your partner on this special day. It doesn’t have to be anything serious. 


You can just revisit stuff you used to do before marriage like going to the movies, and restaurants, having a spa day, taking pictures, trying different foods, etc. 


It might seem casual but it just brings back that giddy vibe you had at the very beginning of your relationship.


d). Romantic dinner: A dinner date is also another way of celebrating your anniversary. 


It is super fancy, classy, and top-notch. You do not necessarily have to even go out. You can have a romantic dinner date at home. 


Just light some scented candles, play soft romantic music, and cook up a delicious meal that your partner will love.


Chat about anything and everything which could range from when you met each other to where you are now. No work discussions!!!


e). Netflix and chill: As time goes on, we all become very busy and get so tired that all we want to do on getting home is eat and sleep. 


This day should be a day for you and your partner to do something together even as little as just cuddling together to watch a movie while having snacks accompanied by small talk. 


This is like emotional therapy for couples to just relax and stay cozy in each other’s arms, putting all of their worries away till the next day reminiscing about the past and talking about how the future will be.


With every year that passes, you get to know your partner more intimately. When getting a gift for your partner, you can look for something that represents your feelings for one another. 


This means something that has a hidden meaning behind it. 


A gift becomes more special when no one else knows or understands its significance except your Partner. 


Hopefully, this article has been a useful guide to making your partner feel extra special as you plan for your anniversary. 


For more information on what gifts your partner will love on your special day, please click here or simply browse through the suggestions below. 

If you find any item in this guide helpful, please let me know in the comments, your feedback will be most cherished also see  “3 Ways to Say I love You on Valentine’s Day

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