Apology gifts: 10 inspirational ‘I’m sorry’ gift ideas

surprisepackage / Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Misunderstanding and disagreement are not uncommon even in a healthy relationship, but if you realize you have been on the erring side and you want to say I’m sorry in a creative way then I’ve got some apologies gift package ideas worth considering.

Teddy Bears: They come in different sizes and colors and they melt heart in the most soothing ways, ladies find them irresistible, send your girl one of these with an apology note and you should be back in her arms in no time.

Flowers: Roses, lilies, and orchids flowers are one of the best ways to show that you’re truly sorry after a terrible argument with your partner or friend, remember to always attach a note to show how remorseful you are, trust me mate this works all the time unless of course, your offense is a murder case. 🙂 

Bottle of Wine: A nice bottle of wine may be what is required to resolve some issues with a friend, sometimes, all it takes to melt a heated disagreement is an apologetic bottle of wine sent to keep a well-cherished friendship.

Box of chocolates: she’s not been picking your calls for days? Then why not try a personalized box of chocolate; make sure she gets this while she’s still at work, this should open the talking line when she back home. Do that right now Bro, take the bold step.

Coffee Maker: In addition to helping you relieve stress, and stay more alert, coffee have been known to help improve mood, brain function, and general mental performance; So if he’s the coffee-loving type and he doesn’t have a coffee maker at home, then you already know what to do, right?

Throw Pillows: Oh I love one of those, a personalized throw pillow with the word “I’m sorry, please forgive me” is worth more than a million text messages. Try this and tell me the outcome in the comments, I’ll love to get your feedback.

Grocery Hamper: An assorted Grocery Hamper delivered with a remorseful note attached and delivered to say ‘I’m sorry, I forgot’ is a good way to end a not so deliberate misdemeanour. This works if you have missed an anniversary date or a planned dinner date.

Perfume and Fragrance: Arguably the most “ I’m sorry” present for all time, this has worked for a lot of people with diverse value and it’s most certainly going to work for you too. Make sure you are familiar with the recipient’s favorite brand if they have one as this gift should resolve your differences amicably.

Jewelry: This is often the go-to apology gift for the big mistakes; customized hand bracelets, pendants, necklaces, wristwatches, rings all fall into this category. If the friendship is worth keeping, then an expensive Jewelry is an option worth considering.

Pizza and Cakes: One way to apologize in a cheeky way is to have your apology thoughts personalized on a pizza or on a cake icing. Get a package of any of these while driving home, and make a promise to always take her emotions more seriously 🙂


What do you think about these apology gift ideas, did I leave anything out?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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