Dear Future Husband

Manager / Sunday, January 08, 2023

Dear Future Husband,

Every woman loves to be proposed to.

There is usually an overflow of love and emotions in the air when a Marriage proposal happens, the best kind of feelings when a man drops down on his knees to ask his partner to be his forever.

Women however have different preferences when it comes to how the proposal should be. Some want it grand, some want it a little more personal and private but the keyword is that every woman wants it to be “romantic”.

No lady will appreciate a cringe worthy proposal. To avoid a failed proposal, let me enlighten you about five things that women want in a proposal.

Firstly, Thoughtfulness.

Every part of your proposal right from the location, the proposal date, the outfits, and the words needs to show how much effort and thoughtfulness you invested in making this day special for her.

Remember that this will most likely be the only opportunity you have so make it count for something. Go the extra mile and give her something unique and worth remembering.

Next, Planning.

Make sure to take care of everything necessary in making the proposal a success. You must definitely have a ring ready, the location must be perfect/special, your outfits must be on flick (because no woman wants to look anything short of beautiful in her proposal pictures), and the atmosphere must be dreamy with flowers and romantic songs(your choice). Make sure to double-check and even triple-check everything.

Another point to note is Originality.

Be true to yourself when making a proposal. You definitely do not need to take out a loan from the bank to get her a ring and you should speak directly from your heart to her.

Don’t take lines from google for your proposal, take her back to those times when you first met and express how you truly feel towards her. Make it something she will enjoy but didn’t expect, and be true to your actions and words.

Next is the Knee drop.

There are a lot of controversies about this but I will just say, do whatever feels right to you. Even though most women want the knee drop, some do not. However, If you will be going on your knees, then do it right. Make use of your left knee and hold the ring in your right hand.

Finally, Photos.

Ensure to have a photographer in place to take pictures of this memorable day. Like I said before, make sure she looks nothing short of beautiful because this would serve as a safe keep for years to come when you are reminiscing about how far you have come together.

Regardless of what kind of proposal you end up doing, Let it be something she will love as this moment is where your future starts.

As much as you plan on making her happy all the rest of her life, also make sure that her proposal is something she will likely spend the next fifty years remembering and talking about.

If you think I left anything out, let me know in the comments below.


Adoringly yours,

Ayo Mide

Content Lead
The Surprise Package Company.

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